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Niki and Jez

18 Oct, 2018

Turning dreams into reality..

" It has always been our dream to have a farm. Not a huge farm, just something small, a few acres maybe, where we could grow our own food, rear some animals and teach our children some useful life skills. I don’t think we were alone in having this dream either, although unlike many, our motivation has not been escaping the city rat race or the nine to five. For us, it has always been about living better, eating well and being in control of what we put on our plates and ultimately into our bodies.

Inspired by our time living in France where every self-respecting person has a 'Potager' at the back door to the memories of gardening with our respective grandfathers, we have always shared this ambition. And now… after years of hardworking, motivation and the support of loved ones, here we are taking our first steps into making our lifelong dream a reality. 

Follow our blogs and check out our social media sights to stay updated with our progress." - Niki & Jez Barfoot 


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